SLSF Kansas City Sub

An Operating Model Railroad featuring the railroads in Kansas City in the 1970s


Welcome to the Frisco Kansas City Sub Layout.  The layout recreates some of the switching districts of the Frisco and the Missouri Pacific railroads in Kansas City.  Both the SLSF and the MoPac share a central peninsula that represents the West Bottoms., including the SLSF crossing of the MoPac main.  Each railroad has other separate switching areas.  There are six yards, three are staffed by a Yardmaster for the Operating Session.  At the North end is the Kansas City Terminal staging yard which contains tracks for transfer trains that interchange with both the SLSF and the MoP.  This staging yard also contains trains to represent the St Louis staging end of the MoPac and the UP/BN staging yard for trains routed on the Frisco. The other yards modeled are MoPac's Neff Yard, the busiest yard, Frisco's 19th St Yard, the most complicated yard and Rosedale Yard, which requires some experience running yards.  At the South End is the Ft Scott Staging Yard.  There are three industrial switching jobs on the Frisco, and three industrial switching jobs on the MoPac.  Crew size is a minimum of twelve operators, but we run better with more..  I am using this website to show some of the operating sessions that we have had since Oct 2009, when we first started building the layout.  Layout Size is 55' by 32'. My thanks to all those who have helped make this railroad possible.



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